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What is included in the free credit repair course?

The credit repair process is broken down into thirteen videos, worksheets, and sample letters that assist consumers in repairing their credit themselves. The program has been developed over 7 years of teaching free credit repair classes. It is simple and it works to help achieve the best scores they can achieve. Free to the consumer.

  • Intro to Credit Repair
  • Obtaining a Credit Report
  • What Makes Up Your Credit Score
  • Obtaining New Positive Credit
  • Inquiries Reporting Time – Statute of Limitations
  • Dispute with Credit Bureaus
  • Dispute with Creditors
  • What to do when Debt Collectors Call
  • What to do when Debt Collectors Send Mail
  • Is settling an account good?
  • How to settle the right way
  • Remove Consumer Disputes
  • Brief History of Credit Reporting
  • Credit Bureau Dispute Letter
  • Debt Collector Dispute Letter
  • Cease and Desist Letter
  • Counter Collector Script
  • Debt Settlement Script
  • Remove Consumer Dispute
  • + More added monthly